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Beth speaking at Urban Update at WHDH Boston

Beth speaking at Urban Update at WHDH Boston

  • A Wanderful Journey of Travel Entrepreneurship: Beth Santos - Podcast (June 2019)

  • Building Companies for Women: The Investor Experience with a Female Founder, Beth Santos - Upfront Work (March 2019)

  • Women Who Travel #2 - Meet Beth Santos - Jack and Ferdi (Dec 2018)

  • #AtTheTable to hold largest-ever gathering on 'Female Founders Day' - Boston Business Journal (Dec 2018)

  • Startup Spotlight: Wanderful - Greenhorn Connect (Nov 2018)

  • Female entrepreneur panel speaks at General Assembly, shares professional expertise - The Daily Free Press (Oct 2018)

  • Ep 8 | Beth Santos: Creating a Wanderful Community for Women Travelers - The Globetrotter Lounge Podcast (May 2018)

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  • Innovation Spotlight: Making Travel Wanderful For Women - Deep Core Data (Oct 2017)

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  • Travel Entrepreneurship with Beth Santos of Wanderful - XX Will Travel (May 2017)

  • Airbnb and the Plight of the Female Host and Traveler - Skift (April 2017)

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  • Episode 2: Beth Santos, Founder of Wanderful - The world's sisterhood of women travelers - The Postnomadic Podcast (April 2017)

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  • Tech roundup: Reports boost Chicago's tech ecosystem, Wanderful gets into home sharing and more - Built in Chicago (March 2017)

  • Podcast Episode 54: Travel, entrepreneurship & ladybossing with Beth Santos of Wanderful - She Geeks Out (Feb 2017)

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  • Seven essentials to safe, fun travel for the single woman - South China Morning Post (Oct 2015)

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  • UC Reader, Beth Santos, Works to Build a Better Haiti - Uncommon Caribbean (Oct 2012)

  • Beth Santos’ gift is changing children’s lives – Portuguese American Journal (May 2011)

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